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Vertex Logical Solutions Inc.

Over the past decade, Vertex Logical Solutions Inc. has been providing superior logistics, warehousing and distribution services to many well known multinational companies. Our facilities and regional business alliances in Canada provide clients with more than half million square feet of warehousing and distribution space. We are located on Annacis Island, close to Port Vancouver’s main container facility, to Vancouver International Airport and to the Canada-US border.

At Vertex, our aim is simple – to ensure a seamless, efficient and secure handling of your products from all entry points into Vancouver to your destinations throughout Canada.

In this competitive world, having a fit-for-purpose, cost-effective supply chain is critical in the marketplace. Our team understands this challenge and is dedicated to streamlining that process and giving our clients the best service and timely information possible.

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We have worked hard and invested much to make this happen. Vertex systems are up to date and provides our customers with real-time information exchange.  Our on-line portal allows clients to review any shipment at any time, and acquire its status along with all applicable tracking information.

Our team knows the more information we can provide our clients, the easier they can make decisions on product distribution.

Our systems ensure Vertex can meet the ever increasing demand for more inventive ways of shipping and distributing products. We believe that every client is unique and provide customized services to match their needs– be it supply chain consulting, inventory management, pick and pack, kitting or display building, labelling or reverse logistics to name a few.

Our clients choose Vertex because of our proven record, our competitive rates and our industry reputation.