Why Choose Vertex Logical Solutions

Why Choose Us?

We serve customers who import manufactured and packaged dry goods into Vancouver and need warehousing and distribution services for the Canadian market.

Vertex has worked hard to build a logistics and distribution system that is user-friendly, accurate, efficient and competitively priced. We have a reputation for developing customized programs to meet our clients’ special needs. To serve that diversity, we offer a range of services that allows for flexibility in approach, efficiency in execution and transparency through client access to real-time data.

What can Vertex do to help me improve my supply chain?

With our management group having decades of experience in the logistics business, we have the knowledge to review projects and provide the optimal solution for any particular challenge. Our computerized systems allow for an efficient business process from receiving our customers' orders, to documentation, e-fulfillment, picking and packing and shipping right down to real-time data when goods are delivered.

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How does the client relationship work with Vertex?

Our customer service representatives work with you to make sure your system integrates with Vertex for a smooth and efficient distribution process. It is our commitment to make any system work for all parties.